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 Greeting of President

Welcome to another creative year at our institute. Our qualified teaching and research staff as well as our upgraded study programs have gained us the reputation of a dynamic and diverse Greek provincial higher education institute. We have a track record of providing studies that meet the future challenges and expectations of our students.



The Research Committee is a collective, elected body of the Institute legally charged with the administration and management of European Union programmes and other financial sources with the aim of supporting research in the Institute. The Research Committee also aims at providing other services and organizing activities which contribute to the connection of the field of education and research with the field of production. Various tasks are carried out by the scientific staff of the T.E.I. and/or in collaboration with other scientists and specialists.

 Erasmus - Socrates

Through the International Relations Office, the Technological Education Institute of Messolonghi participates in European Programmes such as Socrates/Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and aims at expanding the international contacts of the institute. The International Relations Office is responsible for the promotion, coordination and implementation of these programmes.

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City of Messolonghi

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